Panther Fireworks was born from a desire to provide good quality fireworks. We believe that whilst people want competitively priced fireworks, they still require a decent product, a quality product and a good display. We decided to design and import our own brand to satisfy a market need for fireworks that the public expected and wanted. So followed a great deal of time in China, working with factories and technicians to produce a range of fireworks that had the quality and effects we are proud to sell.

This selection of firework products did just that and earned an excellent reputation. Panther Fireworks is now one of the most sought after brands in the country.

"It is a simple formula: give people products that deliver the display they want, the display they expect and at a price that is competitive.

This recipe is continually improved and developed every year with great success.

We focus our products on the consumer and focus our service to our retailers. We show you what you are buying, we give you as much information as you need and as much help as we can. We want to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for you to buy fireworks from us because we want your custom again and again and again…….