An assortment of Barrages, Wheels and Roman Candles, Mines and Fountains make a terrific mix for a sizeable garden display. The Gold selection box offers a different range and amount of rockets, while also including a greater amount of the larger bore selection box cakes.

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3 x 20 Shot Devil, 2 x Cross Fire 7 Shot, 2 x Fire at Will 7 Shot, 1 x Fire Bird 1 x Nightmare 19 Shot, 1 x Screaming Skulls, 1 x Tat, 1 x Night Warrior 19 Shot, 2 x Orions Belt,1 x Little Timmy 32 Shot Candle, 1 x 35 Shot Star Blast Candle, 1 x 70 Shot Surprise Attack Candle, 1 x Baby Bull 7 Shot, 1 x Gold Mine Smoke Flare, 1 x Green Mine Smoke Flare, 1 x Silver Cone Fountain, 1 x Gold Cone Fountain, Space Wheel, 1 x Double Meteorite, 1 x Fire Shot Meteorite, 1 x Screaming Cat, 2 x 5 Shot Candle, 2 x 8 Ball Candle, 4 x Cheetah Rockets and 3 x Puma Rockets