Storage of Fireworks for Retailers

There are two ‘Modes’ – set of rules – for keeping fireworks for sale at registered premises.

  • Mode A requires a safe and secure building or room not attached to a dwelling and used only for storing fireworks, up to a maximum weight of 1000kg (NEC).
  • Mode B allows the storage of up to 250kg (NEC) of fireworks in a building which is also used for other purposes, with strict regulations about how they are contained.The following details come under Mode B

Sales Area Storage
Under MSER the maximum amount allowed in the shop area is dependant upon the size of the shop floor area.

Total floor area of the sales area.
(Square Metres)

Maximum quantity of fireworks that may be kept under registration. (NEC kg)

Up to 20
Up to 40
Up to 60
Up to 80
Up to 100
Up to 150
Up to 200
Up to 250
Up to 300
Up to 350
Up to 400
Up to 450
Up to 500
500 and over


Fireworks in the sales area must be contained in a display case, storage cupboard or cabinet with a maximum of 12.5kg NEC per unit.

  • Fireworks can be stored elsewhere in the building but must be kept in closed metal containers.  Each container must hold not more than 50kg.
  • Any container being used for storing fireworks must not contain other items.
  • When fireworks are actually being sold, keep them exposed for as little time as possible.  In any case, the maximum amount of fireworks that can be exposed at one time is 2kg (NEC).
  • You (and your employees) must take due care to prevent unauthorised access to any fireworks and avoid accidents by fire.
  • You must keep anything flammable (or likely to cause a fire or explosion) a safe distance away from any fireworks, however they are being stored.
  • Under the new regulations licensing authorities may request to see information about firework transactions exceeding 50kgs nec explosive content in particular – the date that the fireworks were supplied, the date that the supplier supplied to another person, or proposed to supply and the total weight.

A leaflet giving information about storing and selling fireworks safely may be viewed and downloaded free of charge at

Here are some key points
• exclude sources of ignition
• stop people smoking anywhere near fireworks
• keep fireworks away from space heaters
• avoid handling of fireworks unnecessarily
• keep fireworks in closed transport packaging
• don’t decant fireworks into metal dustbins
• don’t store fireworks near flammable articles that could lead to a fire spreading to the fireworks
• don’t store fireworks near other articles that could spread the fire.
• don’t store with flammable substances such as white spirit or nylon tights
and stockings
• don’t store near pallets, cardboard boxes and paper
• don’t store near parked vehicles
• ensure that all fireworks in the shop sales area are kept in a suitable display
or storage cabinet
• ensure all escape routes and fire exits are clear and fire exit doors unlocked
• don’t store or display anywhere near an escape route or fire exit
• don’t store an excessive amount either in the shop or in the stockroom
• don’t store more than you are allowed to store under your licence or

Please note you must take special precautions if you share a building with flats or maisonettes. Please contact your Local Authority or Fire Service for more information.