One of our biggest selling selection boxes, as offers a superb display at a fantastic price. The Silver Selection box offers larger fireworks, ensuring fun for all of the family. Additions include larger Cakes with increased bore sizes and Roman Candles with an increased shot size.

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2 x 20 Shot Devil, 1 x TAT Multi Shot, 1 x Night Warrior 19 Shot Barrage, 1 x Fire Bird 7 Shot Barrage, 1 x Fire at Will 7 Shot Barrage, 1 x Cross Fire 7 Shot, 1 x Nightmare 19 Shot, 1 x Streaming Skulls, 1 x 35 Shot Star Blast Candle, 1 x 70 Shot Surprise Attack Candle, 1 x Little Timmy 32 Shot Candle, 1 x Gold Mine, 1 x Red Mine, 2 x Colour Meteorite, 1 x Fire Shot Meteorite, 1 x Gold Cone Fountain, 1 x Silver Cone Fountain, 1 x Space Wheel, 1 x 8 Ball Candle, 2 x 5 Shot Candle, 2 x 5 Shot Candle (Small), 4 x Cheetah Rockets