Transporting Fireworks

Contact local governing body/council for more information

Feel free to call us on 0208 959 5414 if you require any help or further information in this area.

Transport emergency card

Transporting fireworks is dangerous. Inside the closed confines of a vehicle, a single mishap can turn the car into a fireball. If you are assigned to haul fireworks, take these necessary precautions.

First, call your local government office and ask about the laws in carrying them. Get a copy of these rules, and follow them exactly to avoid trouble with the authorities. This is very important especially when transporting pyrotechnics from one region to another.

When loading the items to your automobile, place them in the boot, and not in the passenger cabin. Before doing so, make sure that you take away all flammable items stored in the compartment such as cans of motor oil, newspaper scraps, rags, or cardboard pieces. It is a good idea to spray the boot with a commercial fire retardant, which is available in hardware stores and auto supply shops.

If you are driving a station wagon or a convertible, make sure that you keep the fireworks out of direct sunlight. The temperature, especially on a hot day, can rise up until it is high enough to ignite the fuses. Place the explosives on a shaded part of the automobile or cover them with a piece of cloth or place them in spark-proof boxes. Finally, never smoke with the fireworks around. A stray spark from your cigarette can ignite them.

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